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DSL Supervision

Aims of the session

SEA Inclusion offers non-managerial supervision to support DSLs to undertake their role effectively while looking after themselves.  The hour-long session aims to:

  • Create a safe, confidential space for self-reflection

  • Provide support and reduce stress

  • Reflect upon institutional and team dynamics

  • Clarify development needs

In line with Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018) recommendations, this session will address the following points:

  • "Appropriate supervision and support for staff"

  • "Designated practitioner roles...should be given sufficient time, funding, supervision and support to fulfil their child welfare and safeguarding responsibilities effectively..."


  • Termly or half termly supervision meeting

  • Face-to-face or online

  • One-to-one and group sessions available

  • 60 minutes for each session plus preparation time

  • Clear supervision contract

  • Supervision provided by Sara Alston, experienced trainer practitioner

Pick up the phone and talk to Sara Alston to discuss what YOU really need:  07855 601645

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