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Safeguarding Reviews

Safeguarding is a non-negotiable for OFSTED. However good everything else is, you can still end up in Special Measures if your Safeguarding is not up to scratch. So when OFSTED calls, you want to be ready and able to show all that is wonderful about your school. To do this you need to be confident about the quality of your practice, know what you do well and how you will tackle areas for development.

A Safeguarding Review with SEA Inclusion & Safeguarding will provide you with clear evidence that your safeguarding practice and policies are fully compliant and up to date. It  will identify your good practice and areas that need improvement. Then we will support you to develop an action plan to ensure that any adjustments needed can be made quickly and effectively.

Topics Covered

Each review is tailored to meet the school's individual needs.

It is likely to include: 

  • Review of policies and other key paperwork, ensuring that they are  compliant with the latest guidance and legislation

  • Review of the links between policy and practice

  • Time with key staff and governors

  • Record keeping checks

  • A single Central Records check

  • Opportunities to record pupil or parent voice

  • Follow up report and note of visit

A review  will take a full day  in school. Further visits can be booked to support work with areas for development.

SEA Inclusion and Safeguarding offer both SEND and Safeguarding Audits and then support you with any areas of development.


Working with SEA Inclusion & Safeguarding you will have:

  • Reassurance that your policy and practice are  fully compliant and up to date

  • Access to expert and experienced support that is tailored to your needs

  • A clear action plan for next steps

  • External evidence for OFSTED to show the quality of your Safeguarding provision

Don’t forget your Governors!

  • Do they know and understand their role for Safeguarding?

  • Do they use the correct terminology? 

  • Want a quick way to get them up to speed?

Add a Governors’ training session to share the learning from your review.

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Pick up the phone and talk to Sara Alston to discuss what YOU really need:  07855 601645

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