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SEND Reviews

It is an old adage that 'Good special needs teaching is Outstanding teaching.'

Ensuring that your special needs provision is excellent is an essential

element of making your school outstanding.


A SEA Inclusion & Safeguarding SEN Review is a great way of

understanding how good your school's provision is, your strengths

and the areas that need improvement. 


Reviews and support for TA deployment and SEN provision are

a particular specialism of Sara's.


Topics Covered

  • Review of SEND policy and practice

  • Review of key paperwork 

  • Review of provision including deployment and use of TAs

  • Support to prepare case studies

  • Support to evidence multi-professional work

  • Opportunities to record pupil or parent voice

  • Follow up report and note of visit

SEA Inclusion and Safeguarding offer both SEND and Safeguarding Reviews

and then support you with any areas of development.




  • You will have the reassurance that your  SEN policy and practice are effective and make a difference 

  • Your TA deployment is effective and value for money

  • You can access expert and experienced support that is tailored to your needs

  • A clear action plan for next steps

  • External evidence for OFSTED to show the quality of your SEN provision


Don’t forget your Governors!

  • Do they know and understand their role for safeguarding and SEND?

  • Do they use the correct terminology? Are they still talking about Statements?

  • Want a quick way to get them up to speed?

Add a Governors’ training session to share the learning from your review.


"First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you for enabling me to spend the day with Sara.  If I could shrink her and carry her around with me all day, I would love that!  She made me feel totally at ease, I didn't feel like I was being judged in any way and her advice and support was exactly what I needed.  The areas we said we would cover we did and although I could have spent a week with her, what we did work on was most valuable."

Emma, SENCo, Barnet

Pick up the phone and talk to Sara Alston to discuss what YOU really need:  07855 601645

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