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Sara Alston is a prolific writer and author

Working Effectively With Your Teaching Assistant supports early career teachers in maintaining classroom relationships, including working with the expert or inexperienced TA. It explains:

- different TA roles, including the role of the classroom TA or learning support assistant, the special needs assistant and 1:1 TA
- different forms of intervention, including pre- and over-learning and the importance of ensuring that all children access quality first teaching
- how to work collaboratively, including ways of sharing planning and feedback, differentiation strategies, promoting independence and how to support each other beyond the classroom.

Featuring quotes from TAs about their classroom experience and what would help them, plus solutions for when things don't go to plan, this book will help primary teachers to have a significant impact on learning, while saving themselves time and reducing stress.

Reviews Twinkl SEN Magazine, Schools Week


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Short listed for ERA Education Book 2022

The Inclusive Classroom: A new approach to differentiation. 

Effective inclusion in the classroom shouldn't be a burden; it should be the most rewarding aspect of a teacher's role. In this innovative guide to supporting the most vulnerable students, experts Sara Alston and Daniel Sobel help primary and secondary teachers understand the barriers to children's learning. Emphasising the importance of meeting needs rather than focusing on diagnosis, they provide proven differentiation methods that maximise learning for the whole class, while reducing stress and saving time for the teacher.

Guiding teachers through all the different phases of a single lesson, from starters to plenaries, the unique format of The Inclusive Classroom will help bring inclusion to the forefront of any lesson plan. Each chapter contains simple, effective actions to differentiate and improve learning outcomes for students vulnerable to underachievement, including those traditionally labelled SEN, EAL, pupil premium, looked after and young carers. Also provided are back-up ideas for when things don't go to plan, real-life anecdotes from teachers, and instructions on how to rethink traditional diagnoses and instead prioritise strengths and participation needs.



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Regular contributions to School Bus/Hub4leaders including:

·       6 online courses for Inclusion Expert including:

o   Pre- and Over-learning

o   The Outstanding TA in the classroom

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